Wow warrior intimidating shout macro

Over the year playing a warrior I have made a lot of macros that make me more efficient.

Using the macro with no modifiers will either Taunt the target or Intervene the target if friendly; Alt will activate Heroic Leap; Control will activate Heroic Throw; Shift will Charge or intercept if Charge is on cooldown. /cast [noequipped: Shields]Defensive Stance /equipset [noequipped: Shields]TANK /cast [stance:2,equipped: Shields]Shield Wall /cast [stance2:equipped: Shields]Battle Stance /equipset [equipped: Shields]Pv P /cast [noequipped: Shields]Defensive Stance /equipset [noequipped: Shields]TANK /cast [stance:2,equipped: Shields]Spell Reflection /cast [stance:2,equipped: Shields]Battle Stance /equipset [equipped: Shields]Pv P buff by switching back to a 2-hander before the buff fades (which may happen if you're a button masher in Pv P), you can use a slightly modified version of the above macros.ANY SPEC: 0 _______________________________________ TANK FOR 10 SECONDS ANY SPEC (SAVE YOUR TANK) Equips shield, goes defensive, casts taunt/shield wall/shield block/mocking blow #showtooltip taunt /castsequence reset=5 [stance:2,equipped: Shields] Taunt, shield wall, shield block, mocking blow; [stance:1/3] Defensive Stance /stopmacro [equipped: Shields] /stopcasting /equip Ardent Guard /equip Forlorn Barrier 1 _______________________________________ TAUNT TARGET/FOCUS / GO DEFENSIVE Defensive stance if you are not in that stance, taunt target, hold shift to taunt focus: /#showtooltip /cast [nomod] taunt /cast [mod:shift, target=focus] taunt /cast defensive stance 2 _______________________________________ SHATTERING THROW AS ANY SPEC/STANCE Battle stance if you are not in that stance, uses shattering throw if you are in that stance #showtooltip Shattering Throw /cast [nostance:1] Battle Stance /cast [stance:1] Shattering Throw Use this one if you tend to not have enough rage to cast shattering throw, does same thing but uses blood rage before casting it.#showtooltip Shattering Throw /castsequence [stance:2/3] Battle Stance, Bloodrage, Shattering Throw /castsequence [stance:1] Bloodrage, Shattering Throw 3 _______________________________________ DISARM AS ANY SPEC/STANCE Defense stance if not, disarm once in defensive stance: #showtooltip Disarm /cast [nomod, stance:2] Disarm; [stance:1/3] Defensive Stance 4 _______________________________________ FEAR WITHOUT INTERUPTING Intimidating shout then stops attacking so you don't interupt the fear: #showtooltip intimidating shout /cast intimidating shout /stopattack 5 _______________________________________ REND/REND-HAMSTRING FOCUS/CANCELS BLADESTORM AND DIVINE SHIELD Rends target, rends/hamstrings focus while holding shift, cancels blade storm and/or divine shield if either is active: #showtooltip /startattack /cancelaura Bladestorm /cancelaura Divine Shield /cancelaura Hand of Protection /cast [nomodifier] rend /castsequence [mod:shift, target=focus] hamstring, rend /startattack 6 _______________________________________ SHIELD BASH/EQUIP SHIELD Equips shield if not equipped, enters battle stance if in berserker stance, stays defensive if in defensive stance, shield bashes target if all apply: #showtooltip shield bash /cast [stance:1/2,equipped: Shields] Shield Bash; [stance:3] Battle Stance /stopmacro [equipped: Shields] /stopcasting /equip relentless Gladiator's Cleaver /equip Forlorn Barrier 7 _______________________________________ SPELL REFLECT/EQUIP SHIELD Equips shield if not equipped, enters battle stance if in berserker stance, stays defensive if in defensive stance, spell reflect once in battle stance or if already in defensive stance: /stopcasting #showtooltip spell reflection /cast [stance:1/2,equipped: Shields] Spell Reflection; [stance:3] Defensive Stance /stopmacro [equipped: Shields] /stopcasting /equip Relentless Gladiator's Cleaver /equip Forlorn Barrier 8 _______________________________________ SHIELD WALL/EQUIP SHIELD Equips shield if not equipped, defensive stance if in other stance, shield wall once in defensive stance #showtooltip shield wall /cast [stance: 2,equipped:shields] Shield wall; [stance:1/3] Defensive Stance /stopmacro [equipped: shields] /equip Relentless Gladiator's Cleaver /equip Forlorn Barrier 9 _______________________________________ BERSERKER STANCE/RECKLESSNESS Switches to berseker stance and uses recklessness #showtooltip recklessness /cast [stance: 3] recklessness; [stance:1/2] Berserker Stance 10 _______________________________________ BATTLE STANCE/RETALIATION Switches to battle stance and uses retaliation #showtooltip /cast [stance: 1] Retaliation; [stance:2/3] Battle Stance 11 _______________________________________ DEFENSIVE STANCE/EQUIP SHIELD/SHIELD BLOCK Switches to defensive stance, equips shield and uses shield block #showtooltip shield block /cast [stance: 2,equipped:shields] Shield Block; [stance:1/3] Defensive Stance /stopmacro [equipped: shields] /equip Relentless Gladiator's Cleaver /equip Forlorn Barrier ARMS ONLY: 12 _______________________________________ BEST ARMS MACRO FOR RAPID STANCE DANCE Equips 2 hand weapon if you have anything else equipped, gets into battle stance if in a different stance, mortal strikes when in battle stance with 2 hand equipped: #showtooltip /cast mortal strike /equip [equip: noshields] Relentless Gladiator's Decapitator /cast battle stance 13 _______________________________________ INTERCEPT AS ARMS Gets into berserker stance if not already, intcepts when in berserker stance, does not reset auto attack which intercept would normally do: #showtooltip Intercept /cast [stance:3] Intercept; Berserker Stance /cleartarget /targetlasttarget /startattack 14 _______________________________________ CHARGE/HAMSTRING AND CHARGE FOCUS Charges when in battle stance, hamstrings at melee range, charges focus when holding shift, does not reset auto attack which charge would normally do: /cast [nomod, stance:2/3] battle stance /cast [nomod] charge /cast [mod:shift, target=focus] charge /cast [nomod] hamstring /stopattack /startattack target 15 _______________________________________ INTERVENE AS ARMS Goes defensive and intervenes your mouseover target when holding shift, uses trinket and/or racial otherwise: #showtooltip /castsequence [nomod] blood fury, trinket name /cast [mod:shift, target=mouseover,help] Intervene /cast [mod:shift] defensive stance 16 _______________________________________ ENRAGED REGEN / USE HEALTHSTONE Uses enraged regeneration if you have an enrage buff, uses healthstone as well if you have one: #showtooltip /cast Enraged Regeneration /use fel healthstone 17 _______________________________________ PROTECTION ONLY: 18 _______________________________________ CHARGE/INTERCEPT FOCUS/CHARGE FOCUS/HAMSTRING AS PROT Charge target, shift charges focus, alt intercepts focus, hamstring if in battle stance within melee range #showtooltip /cast [nomod] charge /cast [mod:alt, target=focus] intercept /cast [mod:shift, target=focus] charge /cast [nomod] hamstring 19 _______________________________________ EQUIP SHIELD / GO DEFENSIVE STANCE / DEVESTATE Defensive stance if not in that stance, equips shield/weapon if it is not equipped, uses devastate once in defensive with shield #showtooltip /cast devastate /equip Ardent Guard /equip Forlorn Barrier /cast defensive stance 20 _______________________________________ HEROIC THROW/SHOOT Heroic throw if not on cooldown, shoot bow/gun or throwing weapon otherwise: #showtooltip /cast heroic throw /cast throw /cast shoot 21 _______________________________________ REGENERATE 50% HEALTH Uses last stand, then enraged regeneration if you have an enrage buff, with the extra health you with regeneration far more health, also uses health stone if you have one. #showtooltip /castsequence reset=5 last stand, enraged regeneration /use fel healthstone 22 _______________________________________ CONCUSSION BLOW/STUN FOCUS: Stuns target, stuns focus on shift #showtooltip /cast [nomod] Concussion Blow /cast [mod:shift, target=focus] Concussion Blow 23 _______________________________________ SHIELD BASH TARGET/SHIELD BASH FOCUS/SILENCE FOCUS Interupts target, or focus, or silences focus #showtooltip /cast [nomod] shield bash /cast [mod:shift, target=focus] shield bash /cast [mod:alt, target=focus] heroic throw FURY ONLY: 24 _______________________________________ BLOODTHIRST - EQUIPS BOTH TWO HAND WEAPONS IF SOMETHING ELSE IS EQUIPPED #showtooltip bloodthirst /cast bloodthirst /equipslot 16 Dual-blade Butcher /equipslot 17 Mor'kosh, the Bloodreaver Please note this is NEARLY every macro you need, there are also a few others which are useful.I hope you now understand why these are useful in nearly any situation.nice set of macro's but srsly.the macro's are perfectly doable by pressing buttons yourself, dont need to macro that.

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