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Wagner cps dot com and by text to give mobile donations made easy text NPR to four four four nine nine nine Here is reducing donor Welcome to Tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of nineteen ninety si. It’s a non-profit technology conference coming to you from the convention center in Portland, Oregon. And so I think that that’s really important to have a singular content strategy that’s very user focused. That’s their e book on donor acquisition and had to make a smashing first impression with your potential donors. Acknowledge what Matt mentioned in terms of thinking about storm the content, right? Or you can use the contact page at tony martignetti dot com from and I never hear from you again. So not on ly first time donors, but volunteermatch comes a donor. And so how do you start to think them in a way that makes them feel like, Oh, my gosh. I mean, so there we were talking about it also talked about splitting the baby there because there are philosophical differences and conversations there. What kind of depends on what’s inside or the organization. Sure, people respond to that Second notice reminder. Tony Dad, I’m a slash pursuing by weather CPAs guiding you beyond the numbers. And I’ve seen it time and time again, where established non-profits in particular they are their own biggest hurdle when it comes to getting getting in line with e commerce. And how can you make sure from the moment that they interact with your brand and are brought to your page to your checkout form that they understand you’re unique market position? The matter very politely requested It’s time for a break Pursuing the art of first impressions how to combine strategy analytics and creative to captivate new donors and keep them coming back. I wallet went one click, check out seamless, but we got we got a lot more time together that way. Yeah, and so you know, at first I think it be helpful too. They’re exceptionally bonded to the work that you’re doing. That’s best practice, because as they move down the content, there’s lots of opportunities to make that contribution. It’s a it’s a landing page tool that is really easy to use in turn end of setting up unique content on DH. So this is we’re getting to our segmentation of constituencies. So think about buying a cup of coffee at a on using square and tapping with apple pay. I also think like it would be it would be troubling if we didn’t at least mention this best practice for me. So I think one of the areas that I’ve seen the wall it works so well is when you’ve got you’ve got a recurring donorsearch, right, you’ve got this person who’s a member of your tribe, right? Our mercy corps stands out where you have these sustaining donors who give monthly right. And because you have a really robots content strategy and your quantifying the impact of their recurring gift, you send them a text message that is a simple is them putting their thumbprint on to authorize an additional one time contribution for a wildfire in, you know, Northern California or whatever. I, uh, thought I should mention here is because Tony is not going to ask me. Yes, the archive learned how to use your nine ninety as a marketing tool. Wagner cps dot com Quick seminars, Then go to April. This was inspired by a re union that I attended and had a hand in Ah of Air Force of former Air Force missile ears. Okay, on Brenda, how do we get started thinking about this process that we have for for donors? So, you know, I mean, you’re saying that’s a lycan ideal process. Acknowledging an online gift, I’LL find through the mail offline. I mean, all of the data that we have shows that the more of those pieces of touch our personally identifiable information right, like whether it’s postal address or email address or phone number, the more of those contact point that we have on for a constituent hyre their retention will be and the hyre their value will be to the organization on a lifetime level. All right, that’s in the donation on the donation pages. In other words, like sinking between your cr m and your email Exactly. Okay, what’s an unbound page they’re not paying me to talk about on? Then you Khun, track that you know someone lands on that page and you contract that they came into your database specific to that content. It is incredibly effective for up selling for those who are on a subscription model a CZ. All right, so now you’re now you’re in your you’re implicating PC I compliance requirements, But if you’re accepting, you use digital wallets, you’re not. You think the organization is not preserving the the information right? The thing is so widely available from Guide Star Charity Navigator Attorneys general, Probably your own website. We were all working in the Reagan years on Minuteman. Yeah, think about everything from multi-channel perspective very much, not just the channel they gave the gift in, but really talking to them in multitude of ways. Okay, there could be another way of acknowledging that online gift could be through phone. So, like while it might be easier to not get that postal address, I want that postal address. Waken ask for that later on that they may be right after the gift is made. We think about Netflix in terms of, you know, the user experience that we’re all used.

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But you know, you you have you have that check out for him. I mean, I’m all right, so I’m thinking of the quintessential, you know, the Amazon checkout. My first time was on a purchase like everybody else. We’d find out what kind of bagel heeds you know on Wednesday because they can pull back all that information for for only thirty cents per constituent and give you everything about them. That’s usually very receipt transactional basis that has all of the semi critical information from the processors point of view. It certainly doesn’t show the impact that the gift is going to make for the non-profit who’s receiving the donation. But you can improve upon the look and feel of that package, make it really stand out in the mailbox so that it doesn’t look like one of your fund-raising appeals. Okay, so I just realized I just put two and two together. That’s part of a good donor experience, you know, And I think that carries through whether it’s sustainers or like an event volunteer who’s becoming a donor for the first time. Yeah, well, I mean, I think it depends on where you’re getting most of your gifts into, Like, what channel?

Your donors now complete their online GIF ts at record rates. I’m Tony Steak to be the one we’re sponsored by pursuant full service fund-raising data driven and technology enabled. And and when you when you take a tool like give lively and you put it out there and you integrate with the C R m like sales force, you unlock that potential. What is the unique user experience that that person or persons wants tohave with your brand? And how do you start to think those people in a way that feels really special and bonds them to that program you already know?

Matt is from cause *** and David is at Give lively and welcome your donors the right way. A multi-channel welcome and nurture Siri’s to receive and steward these new donors. They’re brenholz is with C ch and Chrissy hyre from innovation that’s also recorded at nineteen and TC. They’re not constrained by existing say, CR M systems or their, you know, existing, you know, ways of doing things. And so I like to always start with you know who is your target audience? I think one of the easiest things for folks to understand is upgrading folks to monthly giving.

Yeah, yeah, and those you know, those buttons should be front and center. And if I I hope no one listening to this who’s who is working for a nonprofit is ever dealing directly with PC high compliance like they should be using a vendor who is shielding them from that level of risk because that’s incredibly risky and a lot of a bureaucratic burden in order to get PC I compliant. So ah, lot of people haven’t been seen for years, and some even never even came to their other reunions. Acknowledgement letter goes even more like We love that wonderful. Yeah, they were saying they were pretty clear that you do not have to ask for address. The majority of non-profit websites today do they do rice.

So no ineffective donation form to reduce abandonment shows you easy ways to pay up front and suggests the best way to pay right on, right on that first screen. Personal credit information watching your mike is going down. So the payment processors under the give lively platform are stripe papal. Think about the experience that you have with the brands that you love and think about how you feel when you’re asked lots of questions that are unnecessary and and try and channel that when you’re setting up your your donation form or when you’re selecting your vendor toe work with to process your donations because it’s that that’s the standard. The standard is not your system that you’ve been using for three decades, and it works because it’s what we always used. But the idea of everyone coming together, um, sharing old stories coming together like like it had been just a week. That’s what the video is about and you’LL find that video at tony martignetti dot com That is Tony’s Take two Now that a hundred percent of your donors complete their online gif ts u want to welcome them the right way? Now I did have a panel just maybe an hour or so ago. That said, you know you want to keep your donation process streamlined, Ask a few questions possible now, in order to get the the direct mail address.

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