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In doing so, she belatedly entered one of the most crowded and established digital fields (over 90% of online dating startups fail) and nonetheless quickly carved out a lucrative space by focusing on the needs of one segment: women.

More than 10% of Bumble's users pay .99 for a monthly subscription to access perks like extra time to decide whether a suitor merits a message.

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The space now has a new name, new management and a new menu.

(The settlement bars the parties from discussing the case.) There's no question who the founder of Bumble is.

Rather than sulk about Tinder, Herd decided to compete against it.

"We all deserve a seat at the table." That table surely now includes the 28-year-old Herd, who has changed the tenor of dating dynamics.

By letting women make the first move, Bumble has amassed over 22 million registered users, to closest competitor Tinder's 46 million, and at more than 70% year-over-year growth, to Tinder's roughly 10%, it's closing the gap quickly.

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