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211 How do young Korean Canadians experience the Korean culture outside of Korea? Is their cultural identity located in a Korean culture? In a complex entanglement of cultural differences, what motivates them to maintain or give up the Korean culture?214 What affects the identity construction of young Korean Canadians? What does it mean to live in a Korean culture in Canada?It was a surprise to learn that they were becoming more interested in Korean culture as they grew up and gained a sense of their identity as Korean Canadian.I was especially surprised when I considered their having grown up in Canadian contexts where they speak English fluently and are exposed to Canadian culture most of the time.As they transformed their approach from "fitting in one place" to "mixing and matching different cultural elements," they were awakened to the possibilities of having a multicultural identity. They have been a wellspring of energy and encouragement throughout my studies. x (This dissertation is dedicated to my mother, Seong-Ok\%p whose Cove and trust encouraged and supported my continuing studies.) xi CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION What this study is about My interest in this study was triggered by conversations with some young Korean Canadians.Identifying multiple cultural elements, they re-constructed their own emergent form of identity beyond the limited boundary of Korean culture or Canadian culture. Prior to these conversations, I assumed that they would be more Canadian than Korean in terms of culture.This study invites educators to revision cultural identity of immigrants, fabricated by cross-cultural living, as productive tensions and generative possibilities rather than problems to be adjusted and resolved. It was a surprise to find them more interested in Korean culture, considering their having grown up in a Canadian context where they speak English very fluently and they are exposed to Canadian culture most of the time.

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The story schemas 41 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS It is such a great pleasure that I express my deep gratitude and acknowledge my considerable indebtedness to the following persons for their generous support and encouragement of my studies. Heesoon Bai, for guiding me, having faith in me, and standing by me throughout this whole journey. I am grateful for their honesty, caring, good-humored, and unbound voices. Conflicts between Korean parents and young Korean Canadians, mostly concerning the young generation's sense of identity and major interests, are ineluctable.

In particular, I wish to acknowledge and thank my doctoral supervisor Dr. Without their support and enthusiasm, this study would not have been brought to fruition. I also thank my dear colleagues in the CSCI (Centre for the Study of Curriculum and Instruction) for their friendship, support, and inspiration: Dr. The parents' generation constantly reclaims and searches for the lost Korean culture although they are uprooted from the homeland and transplanted into a foreign land.

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