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Like keeping up with a decent TV show, it’s at least something to do.

But what should you dismiss amidst the hype, and what are the real relationship goals you actually want?It’s a lament we’ve all heard (and probably uttered) before: Dating in L. Big and Carrie, Edward and Bella—because they make for sexier stories than safe relationships, so we think that love should feel obsessive. If our prospects aren’t flaky, they’re superficial; if they’re not posing with a tiger in their Tinder profile, they’re morally opposed to traveling more than three miles for a date. There is some sort of method to the madness, at least according to L. We see passionate-but-toxic relationships on TV and in films—Mr.Relationships can be a complicated territory to navigate, each individual coming into it with their own perspective, history, and values.However, setting up relationship rules can create a clearly defined framework to lay the course for a positive relationship.

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