Youth group discussions on dating

It also gives students a chance to admit to areas they'd like to improve on and release it to God.

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Our teenagers pay a 0 fee and are placed on a team with two leaders—each team is assigned a pre-arranged service project organized by a local organization in our city.…In a ministry context, summer is a serial liar.If someone in the church has a shield, broadsword, etc., these can make interesting visuals for the activity.This activity helps youth see why it's important to show parents and other authority figures respect.A mission trip is like the Olympic steeplechase—you’re running as fast as you can over, around, and through every imaginable obstacle to get to the finish line.Maybe it’s the girl who shows up with a piece of luggage the size of a small horse casket, or the guy who forgot to study the packing list and brought clothes that won’t work well in your context.…

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