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She has appeared as a stunt double on many TV shows, including a 2005 episode of Alias, which starred Jennifer Garner.

Zoë Bell has worked as a stuntwoman for years, making a reputation as a fearles performer—particularly for her work in "Death Proof." Now she stars in the new thriller "Raze." We got a chance to catch up with her and talk about her work.

I don't know, I'm still a little bit like, when you blend CGI well with real life, it's impressive, but if you remove real life completely, I still get pulled out of the movie a bit. Quentin [Tarantino] would love to tie in the road and the wheel moving with me being on the car and then going wide so you could see it.

MZS: Was one of the reasons why your famous stunts in "Death Proof" were shot the way they were shot? And that's a perfect example of the reason people have such a visceral response to that sequence, because there is no bull----.

The director Josh Waller in particular was looking to avoid the formula of a genre film, I think. Listen, what I was going for with Sabrina was a silent type.

In other scenes, she was meant to not speak, and then they go on and on, she finally says something, and [another inmate named] Phoebe says, "Chatterbox." So that was a conscious decision that Sabrina be a viewer, that she takes it in.

" We'd always planned on making the short and then using it to extend into either a feature or a web series or TV show—we always had plans of it being bigger than just a short, but it just happened really soon.

But I think CG allows you to do things with humans you couldn't do without killing them: you can throw them off buildings that might be twenty stories too high to do otherwise, or be hit by a car that, if you were to do it, someone would get killed.And I was definitely inspired by Steve Mc Queen and Mel Gibson, if you can imagine mixing those two.MZS: The film certainly attains Mel Gibson levels of violence as it goes along. The last scene when she's fed up and the whole thing's getting a bit ridiculous was definitely inspired by Martin Riggs in "Lethal Weapon." MZS: And were you choreographing the fights during the production as well as acting? I, very early on, said I'd be involved and have opinions, but I needed to spend my time figuring out Sabrina and creating a life for her.Creating fight choreography takes a lot of time, you know?I choreographed the first fight because it was just the short. The things that were important to us were that the action be realistic: if you're going to kill someone by strangling them, we can't hold on you the whole time because it's a long time, but we could imply that it was a long time.

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